Charter Schools: A Brief Exploration in Pittsburgh

Charter Schools are conceptually interesting entities in the education landscape. In the United States, they offer primary and secondary education based on a set of principles and core beliefs that drive their methodologies. While they receive less public funding than public schools, they have the advantage of having less rules and regulations. They are generally founded by parents, teachers, or organizations, and there are currently greater than 6000 schools in the United States, accounting for more than 6% of all public schools. However, the perception of charter schools is quite ambivalent, and the efficacy of each depends on how they convert resources into teachers, spaces, and initiatives that best serves their students and credo. The problem in addressing charter schools as one collective ideal is that they are fundamentally very different. While I'll address the broader scope of charter schools in a longer piece, I wanted to take the time to talk about two charter schools in the Pittsburgh area that surprised me with their commitment and depth to their ideals.

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